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Welcome to Tsuro Dog Training.  I'm Roger Hild and I have been training dogs of all sizes, shapes, breeds and mixes for well over 20 years.  During that time, I have helped thousands of dog owners successfully train their dogs.  With a variety of training options from which to pick, I can tailor something just right for you and your dog.

My background in dogs includes everything from basic training for the family companion to top level obedience competition.  I have helped countless owners sort out and solve a wide variety of dog related behaviour problems.

Tsuro Dog Training is primarily about the relationships owners have with their dog with an emphasis on helping make those relationships as healthy and vibrant as possible.  Through our CALM DOGS approach, we help owners realize their goals for a happier, more fulfilled relationship with their dog. By the way, our CALM DOGS approach stands for:

    Confidant                            Dog

    Assertive                             Owners

    Leadership                           Guidance

    Method                              Systems


We're glad you dropped by and it is our hope that we can be of assistance as you work to build your relationship with your dog.



Cassie, a Samoyed jumps the obedience high jump

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Committed to the Best in Dog Training  -  Best Methods, Best Application, Best Results


Roger is proud to have earned the internationally recognized title of Certified Dog Trainer.  This title was awarded in 2007 by the International Association of Canine Professionals, the group of dog experts recommended by Cesar Millan, star of National Geographic Channel's The Dog Whisperer.



Pet Dog Training Standards: What to Look For - (.pdf file)

An Alternative to the Basic Dog Training Class - (.pdf file)

How to House Train your Puppy - (.pdf file)

How to Socialize your Puppy - (.pdf file)  


What is Real Training?

The design and purpose of my training program, Real Training for Real Dogs, centers around the uniqueness of your circumstances and what your dog needs.  Together you and I will work toward an approach that is right for you and your dog.  A variety of the most effective, time-tested methods, as well as some of the latest training techniques, are incorporated into a win/win learning event for both you and your dog.

A consultation for a specific problem may result in anything from a one time visit to a full series of lessons.  All our programs are well laid out, easy to follow and are geared to producing the results you are looking for.

The programs we offer are available at our location or special arrangements can be made for training in your home.  I am sure we have something just right for you and your dog.

Conformation Airedale a champion


The Tsuro Method

Simply stated, my method is a results based training approach.  It is balanced in that it utilizes lots of praise and positive reinforcement as well as "guidance" and correction.  How much praise and correction we use is based on your dog's temperament and personality.   My method includes these steps: show the dog what you want, help it get there, praise for every success, correct/direct it when necessary, then praise or correct as necessary to maintain success. 

There are many "methods" and a variety of tools currently used in dog training.  In some circles clicker training is currently in vogue - with an ideology of no "aversive" or "negative" feedback to the dog.  This trendy approach says you should focus on and reward the "good stuff" and ignore everything else.  I do not support, practice or believe in this approach because it is so unreliable and ineffective.  You can read a more in-depth article about my thoughts, on this subject, in "Consumer Beware! (Dog Training Options - An Ethical Perspective)"

With our approach, you are a big part of the picture.  You will learn about communicating with your dog.  You will get and keep your dogs attention without a clicker and without cruel and punishing techniques.  

Your dog must respect "you" and not simply look to you for a reward.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE AND PLEASANT RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DOG, whether it is simply as a "companion" or an outstanding obedience candidate.

My goal is to help you obtain a strong sustained relationship, built on mutual trust and respect between you and your dog.

Training dogs is more than a hobby to me -  it is a lifelong interest which I continue to develop and perfect.  I incorporate the best of what I believe are successful training methods and techniques.

Throughout this web site you will find lots of detail on my programs and methods.  In addition there are several more in depth articles and other canine related topics about training, related services, training aids, books and other educational materials.  

If you are hosting an event and are looking for training demonstrations, workshops or seminars, I am available in that capacity as well and would be pleased to discuss your needs.



If you've been searching for training ideas so you can fix your dog's behavior problem and thus be able to keep your dog, you might find the volume of ideas somewhat overwhelming.  With so many things to consider when trying to decide what approach or method is best, we hope you will consider the points raised in the article "Plan B - Kill the Dog."


Roger Hild
7051 Donaldson Rd. W., 
Port Hope, ON., 
L1A 3V6

Founding member C.A.P.P.D.T


  Phone: (905)797-2855









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Providing dog training, problem solving, behaviour modification and obedience instruction to all dog owners in Southern Ontario including the communities of Cobourg, Port Hope, Peterborough, Lindsay, Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering and Toronto.




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